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EASE-V8™ IoT Appliance

IoT Smart Infrastructures in the palm of your hand

Omnitrol's unique cloud-to-edge IoT platform is further complimented by a powerful EASE-V8™ IoT application appliance. The powerful EASE-V8™ IoT engine, not only enables complete IoT business solutions but also scales down to milspec compliant industrial appliances and embedded CPU modules. The features of EASE-V8™ are not compromised on the platfrom selected for deployment. Customers can scale deployments from massively scalable cloud-based hypervisors to our solid state industrial appliances to deliver complete solutions or as IoT gateways.

These all-in-one, EASE-V8™ IoT appliances deliver a new powerful edge computing to deliver Smart Infrastructures integrating IoT devices with enterprise applications at the edge. As a plug-n-play appliance server, customers only need a web-browser to configure and access real-time dashboards and reports. The OMNITROL-A appliancess integrate complete device management to real-time IoT (Edgelet™) services in to a secure and scalable peer-to-peer Smart Infrastructure™ application network. The OMNITROL appliances provide the market with the most powerful, flexible, and easiest means to deploy real-time business process intelligence for IoT Smart Infrastructure's™

Our customers have securely integrated OMNITROL-A Smart Infrastructure appliances into a scalable and powerful Global Track & Trace solutions to monitor assets, returnable assets and supply-chain operations

OMNITROL Cloud-to-Edge IoT Appliance

Benefits of the OMNITROL-A IoT Appliance include:

  • Industrial (milspec) server appliance with over 45 years MTBF
  • Integrated EASE-V8™ IoT application engine
  • Open programmable Javascript-V8 IoT development platfrom to rapidly create IoT services
  • Autonomous service execution with store-and-forward data synchronization
  • Integrated in-memory/hitorian database for real-time M2M automation and SCADA/PLC services
  • Integrated application database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite) for business services
  • Solid-state architecture, available in multiple configurations (CPU, Memory and SSD)
  • Integrated Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections
  • Integrated serial USB and Digital I/O interfaces
  • Integrated WiFi configurations with VPN/VLAN capabilities
  • Integrated IPSec and SSL VPN security and data encryption
  • Integrated SNMP and Web-based IoT Device Management
  • Support from 25 to 100+ IoT devices per appliance (based on model)
  • Secure LINUX based platform and delivery architecture
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