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About Us

Omnitrol has been a pioneering leader in cloud-to-edge real-time IoT (Internet of Things) business and operational intelligence solutions. Our unique open IoT middleware has been acclaimed as the industry's best IoT platfrom by Fortune 100 customers, partners and leading industry analysts.

Our vision for a new paradigm of Smart Infrastructure's™ for "Smarter Decisions" was achieved through close collaboration with our customers production environments to deliver real-time process intelligence and M2M automation. Omnitrol has obtained significant expertise in Industrial IoT (IIoT) across a variety of production environments to deliver real-time business insight and productivity improvements.

Our smart work-in-process and asset traceability enhance process visibility, operational intelligence, staff performance and collaboration between partners and shop-floor operations. We call it Traceability as a Service™ (TaaS™) a powerful cloud-to-edge IoT architecure that has been successfully deployed in aerospace & defense, manufacturing, logistics, environment sustainability, retail, returnable and enterprise asset managment.

Our solutions have proven ROI by achieving substantial improvements in operational efficiencies, reduction in loss and staff productivity. Our integrated real-time WIP visibility has transformed the legacy supply-chain in to real-time supplier collaboration, increasing customer satisfaction and on-time delivery, key ingredients to revenue growth.

Omnitrol unique IoT software engine and IoT information bus is at the heart of enabling the new world of Smart Infrastructure's™. Known as the EASE-V8™ IoT Engine (Enterprise Application and Sensor Engine) transforms the complexities of sensor-driven event processing (smart IoT devices, sensors, RFID/barcode, RTLS, SCADA, etc.) in to relevant business events and operational intelligence. Our open-source extensible micro-services architecture allows our customers to rapidly achieve the benefits of IoT. EASE-V8™ transforms M2M data into real-time visual dashboards, enabling a smarter and more proactive decision making environment.

Omnitrol Networks, Inc. is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, with operations in Canada and India.

Omnitrol pioneered the evolution of IoT in to Smart Infrastructure's™. Acclaimed as the industry's best IoT middleware, our architecture scales from cloud to edge (FOG computing) based solutions that transform millions of sensor/SCADA events in to an integrated shop-floor (operations) to top-floor (ERP systems) intelligent operation.

Our approach to IoT has always focused on applying sensors and wireless devices to improving operational challenges. Our unique architecture and approach have enabled future factory initiatives, environmental sustainability with proactive bio-hazard monitoring, smarter buildings and homes, WIP tracking, asset & inventory traceability, tools tracking and supply-chain intelligence.

Accelerating Success

Our Smart Infrastructure™ soluitions are tried and tested in extreme production environemnts with Fortune 500 customers. We are confident that our capabilites will not only exceed your requirements, but can guarantee a working Smart Infrastructure's™ in your environment. Our solutions will extend your enterprise applications to take advantage of cloud-to-edge services, on premise or on cloud, to deliver the promise with significant benefits of IoT smart devices. Let us help you deploy smarter infrastructures so that you can make smarter decisions within your operations and for your customers and partners.

Getting Started

Our dedicated, consultative support goes far beyond what most vendors offer. From a thorough evaluation of your operations through proof-of-concept to production deployment ,our team will remain your partner until we have assured your success. Our services do not end with analysis reports or recommendations on what you need to do, but we deliver what we recommend. Our objective is to walk with you all the way until the deployment of a total end-to-end solution is implemented in your operations and meets all your production requirements. Our solutions have been certified on both security and surpassed production gates with US Department of Defense (DoD) partners and mission-critical environments in manufacturing and logistics. Our services extend beyond just connecting the new IoT Smart Infrastructure's™ with your operations but also to integrate your existing investments in ERP systems.

As a leading IoT solution widely used by the Aerospace and Defense industry, Omnitrol is perhaps the most secure IoT application and information bus on the planet.

We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your partner in the transformation of your operations in to real-time Smart Infrastructures™.

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