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Enterprise Application and Sensor Engine (EASE-V8™)

Simplifying the delivery of IoT business intelligence

At the heart of the Omnitrol IoT Products is EASE-V8™, the industry's most acclaimed IoT application framework. We developed EASE-V8™ with a focus to:

  • Remove the complexity in integrating IoT devices, sensors and SCADA technologies
  • Simplify Cloud-to-Edge (distributed FOG computing) deployments
  • Enable an open SOA based extensible micro-services architecture
  • Open API's integrating real-time operational intelligence with Enterprise Application Integration
  • Create an open, programmable, scalable and connected IoT information bus
  • Encapsulate IoT application programming as a secure IoT event-driven operating system
  • Deliver an open-source innovation platform for any operational environment or market
  • Generate concept to production solutions using only Google's Javascript-V8 open-source tools
  • Integrate web-based device and system management automatically with customer-driven IoT solutions

EASE-V8™ IoT engine for mission critical applications

EASE-V8™ is the industry's first next-generation distributed IoT application platform. Built with the same robustness and scalability of a telecom switch operating system, over 99.999% uptime and scalability to millions of end-devices. Application engineers can reliably design and deliver mission critical IoT applications to enhance their existing M2M automation and enterprise applications. The EASE-V8™ framework integrates multi-threaded complex event processing (CEP), iin-memory historian DB, SQL database, peer-to-peer application framework with an open Javascript services creation API. Application developers can focus on the specific business work-flows and rapidly create solutions through plug-n-play "vendor agnostic" IoT API's for sensors and devices. EASE-V8™ normalizes all external interfaces (devices, mobile, databases, etc.)to our unique EASE Events (XML/JSON) to remove any dependency on a specific vendor protocol. Applications are ready with complete operational logs, metrics and management from the moment they are conceived on the EASE-V8™ platform.

Application development and delivery is further simplified by our integrated IoT device emulator, called EdgeView™. Applications can be developed, tested and deployed using the devices provided on the EdgeView™ IoT Emulator to complete development of EASE-V8™ micro-services, we call Edgelets™, perform automated testing and finally achieve deployment with actual sensor devices, RFID, SCADA/PLC controllers, or any other external IoT device stimulus.

Benefits of EASE-V8™ IoT engine include:

  • Substantially reduce development to deployment costs
  • Complete Cloud-to-Edge (FOG computing) application delivery platform
  • Open IoT application workflow engine requires only Javascript knowledge
  • Powerful & extensible IoT application API and Service Creation Environment
  • Standard and open adapters (SOAP/XML, HTTP/SJSON, ODBC, CSV, JMS/MQ, etc.)
  • Open database engine Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more
  • Open event-driven peer-to-peer IoT information bus for service federation
  • Hot-install & upgrade micro-services without down-time on deployments
  • Vendor agnostic device and service protocol normalization to EASE Events
  • Device adapters for SCADA, RFID, RTLS, BLE, Sensors, Serial, Modbus, LLRP, EPC, ALE, etc.
  • Secure communication channels over VPN and SSL links
  • Integrated web-based application and device management

The Omnitrol IoT EASE-V8™ engine is a fully integrated Smart Infrastructure's™ application framework. Our vision to simplify IoT business and operational intelligence was developed in close collaboration with our customers production environments. The EASE-V8™ engine was developed as an application independent distributed software architecture that can be applied in any industrial or consumer application, in the cloud, on premise, or as hybrid cloud-to-edge solution.

Some examples of EASE-V8™ IoT engine deployments

Si100 RFID Network Managing Automation MA M2M Gartner Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan
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