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EdgeView™ IoT Device Emulator

Visual IoT Service Creation and Deployment Tool

Omnitrol's versatile EASE-V8™ IoT Engine integrates a powerful visual IoT device emulator. Building IoT Edgelet's™ applications requires integration with IoT smart devices. In order to facilitate and simplify the creation of IoT micro-services Omnitrol created a unique IoT device emulator that allows complete service creation with real-world smart devices on your desktop. EdgeView™ provides a drag-n-drop device emulation environment to create your Smart Infrastructure without the need to purchase any hardware. These devices on EdgeView™ are called Virtual Devices and provide real hardware functionality to develop, test and deploy solutions with the actual hardware once purchased.

Furthermore, specific use cases can be programmed and recorded on EdgeView™. These scenarios can then be run using multiple instances of EdgeView™ to validate the IoT application and observe the behavior under various situations that will be encountered in a production environment. EdgeView™ provides a powerful and configurable emulation for external devices, SCADA/PLC controllers, RFID readers, sensors, analog & digital I/O lines, stack-lights, etc. Smart Infrastructures can be created to showcase RTLS zones, alarms, impacts due to environmental sensors, presence and motion detection, etc.

Benefits of EdgeView™ IoT emulator include:

  • Fully visualization of smart buildings/home and operations floor with integrated smart IoT devices on your desktop
  • Collaborative visual development and test environment that can be shared between FAE, customer and product engineering
  • Reduce risks, costs and accelerate proof-of-concepts for complex sensor based deployments
  • Publish external events from any source or through movements directly on the emulated shop-floor
  • Test varying configurations that can scales from a single site to multiple site deployments
  • Record and playback functions for automated testing of complex scenarios
  • Troubleshoot IoT Edgelets™ by combining EdgeView™ virtual devices with real-world devices
  • Multiple EdgeView™ instances can create simultaneous testing of various scenarios simultaneously
  • Powerful sales and demonstration tool that can showcase solutions to customers over webinars and in conference rooms

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