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Real-Time Logistics Intelligence

Monitor and track your assets across the supply-chain

OMNITROL asset and inventory traceability (TaaS™) would not be complete without tracking and reconciling items shipped across your supplier and partner sites. Real-time Logistics Intelligence provides our customers with a global track & trace (GTT) Smart Infrastructure™ services to track all types of assets across the supply chain. This includes monitoring finished goods to partners, distribution centers, and end-customers. Most enterprises will integrate their purchasing and warehouse management systems (WMS) to track their shipments. However, reconciliation of assets as they move between sites is not always accurate or timely, furthermore, many of these shipments are moved using expensive returnable containers that are not easily tracked during these processes.

Omnitrol's TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence provides full visibility of all assets that need to be tracked and monitored as they are utilized at each stage of the supply chain. Tracking items needs to also include monitoring materials that have limited shelf-lives and availability attributes that are not easily obtained by simply locating an asset. In order to successfully complete the journey associated with global track and trace services, customers need to reconcile the receipt and condition of items to facilitate appropriate alerts to manage replenishments and achieve optimal utilization of their returnable assets.

Omnitrol's Real-Time Logistics Benefits

  • Achieve 99% accuracy in reconciling items during shipping and receiving operations
  • Improve staff efficiencies over 50% using mobiles with electronic pick-lists vs. paper based
  • Improve customer satisfaction by over 20% by reducing miss-picks and miss-shipments
  • Track returnable assets by location and improve utilization by over 40%
  • Eliminate asset loss through end-to-end traceability of containers and items
  • Substantially reduce materials damage by monitoring shelf-life of materials associated with containers
  • Reduce material handlers time by reconciling pick-lists before shipping
  • Automatically generate multi-part or partial shipments based on inventory availability
  • Automatically track assets in/out of specific locations or within operational sub-locations (e.g. wash, callibration, certification, etc.)
  • Check-In/Out with custody using Mobile Handheld Asset Tracking and TaaS™ Kiosk's
  • Automatically reconcile inter/intra item transfers to/from supply-chain sites or partner premises

EPC Global Track and Trace NetworkOmnitrol Reporting UI

TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence Features

TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence provides real-time tracking and traceability for your high-value returnable totes, containers, pallets and other reusable items. With TaaS™, our customers are able to monitor their returnable assets automatically and dramatically reduce loss and staff inefficiencies due to availability, damaged and locating items in their warehouse and storage areas.

  • Automatically track assets in/out of specific locations or within operational sub-locations (e.g. wash, callibration, certification, etc.)
  • Check-In/Out with custody using Mobile Handheld Asset Tracking and TaaS™ Kiosk's
  • Dynamically define returnable asset classes, attributes and categories without any limitations
  • Hierarchical open cycle and cycle-time reports by customer, site and asset category
  • Integrated item and category level serialization database, or you can import existing serialization information
  • User configurable rules for notifications and alerts on asset movements, usage, expiry, overdue, etc.
  • Maintain asset audits for over 10+ years
  • Annotate and automatically trigger asset condition for maintenance and operational status
  • Open and extensible SOA based services architecture to integrate with one or more existing ERP/WMS systems
  • Full support for RFID, Auto-ID, UID, barcode, RTLS and other sensor-based tags
  • RTLS zones, portals, smart-shelves to automatically monitor assets and inventory levels
  • Integrated WIP tracking on internal process to maintain inventory at each stage of the process
  • Automatically record timing and environmental conditions that can impact materials through internal and external storage/processes
  • Integrated GS1 EPCIS database services
  • User configurable web-based visual dashboards that can be viewed on mobile tablets at anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time visibility on asset type, usage, maintenance, and pool allocation.
  • Cost effective and incrementally scalable from single to multiple locations worldwide

Real-Time Smart Infrastructures™

OmniCloud™has pioneered Logistics Intelligence to automatically and securely collaborate in real-time on the status of their shipments, returnable assets and materials by eliminating errors and loss dramatically improving customer satisfaction.

Ready to learn more about how OMNITROL Logistics Intelligence can satisfy your business needs? Please contact us!

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