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Real-Time Inventory Intelligence

Real-Time Inventory Management, Visibility and Traceability

Inventory management has transformed from a single-location to a distributed multi-location operational environment. Warehouses have become e-tailer stores and retail stores have become e-tailer warehouses. Items are no-longer moved from back-rooms to point-of-sale (POS) locations, but can be direct shipped to customers. Similarly vendors are also direct shipping to customers as opposed to stores to improve their margins by reducing stock markdowns inherent in store fronts. Whether you are challenged with Omni-Channel requirements or just need better visibility in monitoring your inventory, anywhere and anytime, you need to transform your operations by taking advantage of Omnitrol's (TaaS™) Smart Infrastructure's™ solutions.

OMNITROL Inventory Intelligence extends basic inventory management of stock level and location to inventory status and tracking combined with process intelligence. By applying real-time analytics on inventory movements, sales depletion rates, returns, condition and associated demographics our customers can more effectively and efficiently manage their replenishments, reduce over-stocks and improve margins. Omnitrol's connected Smart Infrastructure's™ for Supplier Collaboration integrated with Global Track and Trace (GTT) provides you with the industry's only and most comprehensive solution to deliver the required benefits of IoT across your global operations.

Moreover, our Inventory Intelligence has been applied to monitoring any and all types of assets. TaaS™ is the only solution on the market than can dynamically configure any asset with behavioral attributes that need to be monitored and tracked. This includes, but not limited to, apparel, footwear, high-value assets (jewelry, handbags, toys, bicycles, etc.), medical devices, perishables, returnable assets (totes, rental items), tools, IT assets, even work-orders (see Manufacturing Intelligence), shipping & receiving (see Logistics Intelligence), all seamlessly connected as TaaS™ Smart Infrastructure's™.

Omnitrol's Inventory Intelligence Benefits

  • Achieve over 99% inventory accuracy by item/SKU at any location
  • Monitor depletion rates to eliminate stock-outs
  • Track inventory levels by shelf, category and complex attributes
  • Enable intelligent replenishments within store/site, store-to-store, warehouse-to-store or any site to any location
  • Substantially reduce markdowns with real-time item-level forecasting and exacting replenishments by category/SKU
  • Cycle count inventory 25x times faster
  • Automate pick-lists and pick tasks to other locations, warehouse, etc.
  • Replenishment reports by item/SKU by location
  • Eliminate shrink with item-level reconciliation on all received items from warehouse or alternate site
  • Track returned items through put-away or as "return to vendor" shipments

OMNITROL real-time Inventory Intelligence extends customers existing operations to run leaner and smarter, improving margins and profits while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction:

  • Over 20% sales revenue uplift by ensuring tracked items are stocked correctly
  • Significantly reduces costs associated with managing and locating inventory items
  • Over 50% improvement in customer satisfaction is typical
  • Automatically track items that deviate from expected process and location
  • Protect brand and fraud through item-level traceability

TaaS™ Inventory Intelligence Features

OMNITROL brings valuable business insight into tracking physical inventories, usage, location and status. Integrated real-time reports and dashboards allow our customers to quickly manage asset movements, picks and reconcile shipments from their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.

  • Open architecture and interfaces for integrating one or more existing ERP systems
  • Complete end-to-end integrated inventory tracking solution
  • Cost effective and incrementally scalable site-by-site deployment
  • Supports all types of item-level tags (RFID, Auto-ID/UID, barcode, RTLS)
  • Inventory count, ageing and movement trace reports by item/SKU
  • Provides velocity and forecast velocity reports by item/SKU

Real-Time Logistics Intelligence

TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence has pioneered suppliers to automatically and securely collaborate in real-time on the status of shipments and returnable assets. Our TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence solution eliminates the headaches and overheads in generating manual customized spreadsheets to track the status of returnable containers or finished goods.

Omnitrol has taken an end-to-end approach with our TaaS™ based Smart Infrastructure's™ to complete the journey in operational intelligence, that starts from monitoring assets and orders in Real-Time Manufacturing Visibility with Real-Time Supplier Collaboration through automated Global Track & Trace across your supply-chain.

Ready to learn more about how OMNITROL Inventory Intelligence can satisfy your business needs? Please contact us!

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