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Edgelet™ IoT Micro-Services

Open, extensible federated micro-serices for IoT solutions

Omnitrol's versatile EASE-V8™ IoT Engine provides an open Javasript-V8 service creation environment. IoT applications are rapidly built and deployed by creating micro-services using the Google-V8 open-source application platform, we call Edgelets™. Edgelets™ are hot-installable micro-services that can extend existing services or execute as event-driven logic modules anywhere on the EASE-V8™ cloud-to-edge peer-to-peer application framework. The EASE-V8™ IoT engine runs over a connected event-driven pub/sub information bus. All Edgelets™ interact with each other via EASE events over a distributed application network of EASE-V8™ engines. Moreover, Edgelets™ can adapt rapidly to new customer requirements or operational changes by leveraging the in-built EASE-V8™ complex-event-processing (CEP) engine.

Edgelets™ enable application developers to focus on solving their operational challenges that can be rapidly created and deployed as production ready Smart Infrastructure™ services. Through rapid integration of smart IoT devices staff can get real-time visibility in to their operations. The Edgelets™ capture and contextualize this data by transforming it into operational intelligence and visual dashboards. The Edgelet™ software modules are built on an open Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that can integrate with existing ERP systems.

Anatomy of an Edgelet™ Micro-Service

Edgelets™ provide the most versatile and production ready IoT services for mission critical applications. You need to make changes to any Edgelet™ anywhere on the EASE-V8™ IoT Information Bus and hot-install the updates without interrupting the current flow. Complete M2M real-time automation on SCADA and PLC controllers can be delivered with only Javascript knowledge through the EASE-V8™ event-driven API. Without any protocol, sensor or device knowledge, application engineers can control and operate machines, robots, valves, conveyor systems, RFID readers, environmental and motion sensors, etc. just as easily as updating a web-page on their browser!

Through our powerful Javascript building block library and API's services can be developed to handle real-time M2M automation, HMI dashboards and mobile devices. The same library extends integration with standard database systems, external ERP systems or analytics engines to provide operational reports and dashboards. All the complexities associated with prioritizing events, complex envent correlation, protocol translations, database transactions (in-memory or persistent), multi-threading, etc. are automatically handled by the EASE-V8™ IoT Engine. The EASE-V8™ IoT engine allows you to deploy new incremental Edgelet™ services, or extend existing ones without requiring any downtime. Omnitrol has created the world's most secure, mature and robust IoT platfrom through creation of hundreds of, tried and tested, IoT Edgelet™ building blocks that are in operation in varied mission-critical environments.

Benefits of Edgelet's™ include:

  • Easily and rapidly contextualize and correlate IoT events in to business intelligence with only Javascript knowledge
  • Open source and developer adopted Google-V8™ Javascript service creation environment
  • REST based API/Architecture supporting both Workflow and Finite State Machine (FSM) semantics
  • Fully encapsulates IoT device details and event-processing semantics
  • Removes integration complexities with existing ERP systems
  • Scale from a single location to multiple sites over a distributed peer-to-peer event-driven bus
  • Integration with open-industry standard Eclipse IDE (runs on Linux, Windows, Solaris, UNIX platforms)
  • Quickly test with Omnitrol's powerful EdgeView™ IoT Smart Infrastructure Emulator
  • Open SOA based API's to external systems (ODBC, XML/SOAP, JSON, HTTP/S, REST, CSV, etc.)
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