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IoT Smart Infrastructure's™ Solutions Overview

OmniCloud™ : Industry’s First Proven Real-time IoT Application Cloud

Omnitrol has been a pioneering leader in cloud-to-edge real-time IoT (Internet of Things) business and operational intelligence solutions. Our unique open IoT miidleware (EASE-V8™) has been acclaimed as the industry's best IoT platfrom by Fortune 100 customers, partners and leading industry analysts.

Our vision for a new paradigm of IoT Smart Infrastructure's™ as a Cloud-to-Edge (FOG computing) distributed application was achieved by close collaboration with our customers production environments to deliver real-time process intelligence and M2M automation. Omnitrol has obtained significant expertise in Industrial IoT (IIoT) across a variety of production environments to deliver real-time business insight and productivity improvements.

Our Smart Infrastructure's™ cloud computing platform is based on Omntrol’s highly acclaimed, open and distributed peer-to-peer IoT application framework, called EASE-V8™ (Enterprise Application and Sensor Engine). EASE-V8™ provides a powerful IoT device to enterprise application integration through an event-driven pub/sub bus with an open programmable software framework that encapsulates the complexities of handling thousands of events from thousands of sources simultaneously. EASE-V8™ provides an open application delivery stack that can be extended using open-source Javascript-V8 development to deliver operational analytics and business intelligence. Our solutions have enabled our customers to run smarter factories, logistics operations, asset management, bio-hazard & human safety monitoring, returnable transport item (RTI) & tools tracking, library asset management, to name a few.

OmniCloud™ is an open easily integrated application to capture real-time operational status from IoT devices, sensors, assets using RFID/RTLS, etc. to obtain operational status in real-time from the shop-floor and integrate with existing purchasing, billing, ERP systems. Our Smart Infrastructure's™ create a high-integrity status and collaborative platform for your top-floor and partners.

Omnitrol has pioneered solutions in Manufacturing Intelligence and Supplier Collaboration, Global Track and Trace, Work-in-Process Intelligence, Environmental Sustainablity and Retail Item Traceability in the Cloud.

As a leader in IoT solutions widely used by the Aerospace and Defense industry, Omnitrol is perhaps the most secure IoT application and information bus on the planet.

We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your partner in the transformation of your operations in to real-time Smart Infrastructures™.

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