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System Integrators

Building Smart Infrastructure's™ for the 21st Century

Omnitrol's innovative EASE-V8™ IoT Engine solution has created a new paradigm integrating IoT technolgoies and 3rd party software applications to solve operational challenges. Our eco-system of technology, solutions, and channel partners is providing customers with both best-in-class and future proof capabilites as they embrace IoT within their operations.

The EASE-V8™Advantage

If you are a Systems Integrator seeking to grow your business with IoT solutions and services, look no further. Our Smart Infrastructure's™ software platfrom and TaaS™ solutions will accelerate your strategy in to business opportunities. In order to keep pace with the evolving IoT ecosystem and create market-leading Smart Infrastructure™ solutions you need our open, extensible and industry-proven EASE-V8™ IoT Engine. Our powerful IoT Service Creation Environment removes the complexity of IoT engineering and allows your application developers to rapidly integrate IoT smart devices to create new revenue opportunities in enterprise operational intelligence and/or cloud-based consumer-driven smart services.

As an OMNITROL Partner, you can give your customers more choices and greater confidence that they are deploying a world-class production-proven solution. Our platform provides substantial capabilites that not only differentiate Cloud-to-Edge solutions, but allows you to focus on your customer requirements and not on IoT technologies. We have successfully taken our Partners out of pilot-based science projects to fully operational production solutions.

Join the IoT revolution. Email us information about your project requirements and we will be pleased to make you a part of our ecosystem of Smart Infrastructure's™ for the 21st Century.


Our Smart Infrastructure™ System Integrators

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