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Omnitrol has been leading the advance in Industrial IoT automation through sensor-based analytics that delivers real-time business insights to substantially improve efficiency and decision intelligence, directly from the operations-floor. Our IoT-driven "sense and respond" solutions transform sensor data into real-time actionable operational intelligence, creating Smart Infrastructures™ across your enterprise.

Broadly known as "Traceability as a Service (TaaS™)", our suite of IoT applications, enable customers to rapidly achieve Digital Transformation of their operations. Our unique approach seamlessly integrates Smart Infrastructures™ to automatically monitor and notify staff on exceptions and deviations from expected outcomes across your business processes, as they happen. Join us and enjoy the power of continous and smart visibility that not only improves asset utilization, work-order tracking, operational efficiency and productivity, but also substantially improves customer satisfaction.


Join Omnitrol’s partner ecosystem and become a leader in transforming your customers’ operations into Smart Infrastructures™. Our partners can rapidly and cost-effectively deliver state-of-the-art IoT solutions leveraging our market leading TaaS application suite.


Traceability as a Service™ is the premier IoT solution to automatically track, audit and manage enterprise assets, work-in-process and item-level inventory across your supply-chain. Our TaaS™ commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) operational intelligence solutions substantially improves productivity, operational efficiency and customer service.

Business Insights

Transform your IoT-driven Smart InfrastructuresTM into a competitive advantage by achieving unprecedented levels of customer service through high-integrity operations-floor collaboration. TaaS™ real-time dashboards deliver meaningful and actionable business insights, facilitating smarter and faster decision-making, to the right staff and your customers, when and where it is needed.

About Our Company

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Omnitrol is pioneering the advance in cloud-to-edge real-time industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Our TaaSTM application suite has been acclaimed as the industry's most innovative, complete, secure and scalable IoT solution by Fortune 100 customers, partners and leading industry analysts.

Our vision for a new paradigm of IoT Smart Infrastructures™ that enables Digital Transformation of your operations in to real-time smart decision intelligence was achieved by closely collaborating and understanding our customers production & operational challenges. Our powerful analytics engine and dashboards deliver real-time asset management, operational intelligence, M2M automation and productivity improvements that can be rapidly configured to your exacting requirements. Omnitrol TaaS™ has been successfully deployed across a variety of production environments in Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Food & Beverage, Libraries and Waste Management.

Innovative Works

Omnitrol pioneered Industrial IoT cloud-to-edge distributed real-time software architectures. Our unique IoT platform and TaaS™ solutions are the industry's most innnovative, secure, scalable and production tested in the market.

Award Winning

Our unique TaaS™ IoT solutions and deployments have received numerous industry awards and have been acclaimed by most major leading industry analysts.


Omnitrol has achieved substantial experience in deploying industrial IoT solutions through deployments in collaboration with Fortune 500 customers in a wide variety of production environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions. For any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

What is the procedure to join your company?

Are your TaaSTM solutions only available on the cloud?

TaaSTM is available as both a premise-based enterprise solution or as a cloud-based subscription service. Our unique cloud-to-edge architecture also allows our customers to integrate RFID, mobile handhelds, sensors and SCADA systems in their operations-floor to the TaaS™ cloud using our TaaS appliance that seamlessly extends TaaS™ cloud services with distributed edge processing, reducing WAN traffic to and from remote sites.

What makes you special from others?

Omnitrol has a proven track record on the delivery and deployment of highly scalable and secure IoT solutions in the most challenging production environments. Our solutions have been deployed in Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing and Logistics operations.

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