Real-Time Asset Management and Monitoring

TaaS™ Asset Intelligence (TaaS-AI) ) leads the market in  Smart Infrastructures™ solutions for real-time, automated tracking and monitoring of your assets within your buildings and across your global enterprise.  TaaS-AI can be configured to monitor any type of asset, integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP and Asset Management systems enabling real-time visibility within your enterprise, data centers, operations floor, inter-site and across your supply chain.

   Manage & Track Assets

  • Achieve close to 100% asset management & monitoring and location accuracy
  • Over 70% reduction in asset loss and waste
  • Real-time visual maps to display assets' status, location and audit trails
  • Sensor-driven monitoring on asset health and utilization
  • Inter-site asset transfer management and tracking
  • Integrated RFID, UID and barcode serialization, RFID tag commissioning and label printing

   Security Alerts & Maintenance Notifications

  • Immediate notifications on asset movement security breaches
  • Integrated user authentication and authorization security
  • Preventative maintenance, downtime and damage alerts
  • User configurable notifications for misplaced and asset ageing
  • Integrated sub-component removal and containment monitoring for servers, laptops and containers

   Real-time Tracking & Reports

  • Real-time web-based dashboards with support for mobile smartphones and tablets
  • Complete audit compliance and traceability reports
  • Integrated Inventory and Logistics management and tracking
  • Life-cycle, ageing, depreciation and utilization analytics
  • Attach images, supporting documents and agreements for a customizable asset management experience

The OMNITROL Smart InfrastructuresTM Advantage

TaaS-AI meets the stringent security requirements of the U.S. Aerospace and Defense industry, as well as the U.S. & Canada government organizations. Our versatile solution scales enterprise-wide and automates real-time asset tracking and analytics through a wide variety of sensor and mobile devices. Examples where we can deploy our product include IT, data centers, tools, parts, furnishings, returnable containers, libraries, museums, finished goods and more.

  • RFID, BLE, UWB, GPS, barcode, etc. tags and labels
  • Integrated RFID/barcode mobile handhelds for stock takes, cycle counts, transfers, etc.
  • Sensors to monitor asset health (temperature, humidity, pH, vibration, weight, etc.)
  • User-definable asset classes to track almost anything
  • Easily integrable with existing asset management systems or external databases
  • Cloud or premise-based deployment
  • Incrementally deployable, multi-site asset monitoring and management
  • Highly scalable distributed architecture
  • Real-time in-memory analytics, web dashboards and reports
  • Viewable on any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)

TaaS™ offers a suite of powerful tools to enable the deployment and management of assets across your enterprise.


TaaS MapViewTM provides visual tracking of assets by location hierarchy and status. With a single click, MapViewTM offers the ability to zoom in and out from individual shelves, zones, rooms, shop floors, buildings and geographical locations to locate assets.

Customers can quickly and easily customize their own maps and blueprints to navigate asset locations to their precise requirements.


TaaS EdgeViewTM provides a powerful IoT, RFID, PLC and sensor digital twin to emulate actual devices on your operations floor. Real world scenarios can be created on EdgeView™ to represent actual deployments to validate asset tracking scenarios, reader/antenna and sensor placement, prior to deploying the actual hardware.

Actual reports and notifications can be generated based on asset movements on EdgeViewTM to validate business values and ROI, prior to any investment in purchasing or deploying required IoT hardware.


TaaS MobileView™ provides complete asset tracking and management through industrial RFID/barcode mobile handhelds.

Managers can also assign tasks to operators that are automatically sent to MobileView™ and tracked till completion.

TaaS MobileView™ is the industry's only secure mobile solution that works seamlessly with or without WiFi connectivity. Operators can work seamlessly in non-WiFi environments as if they were always connected. Mobile services can be managed based on roles and authorization on an individual basis.

  • Stock/cycle counting
  • Locate/search assets
  • Asset Transfers - Check-in/out
  • Shipping (Pick, Pack, Ship)
  • Receiving (Unpack, Reconcile, Put-away)
  • Push and track operator tasks till completion
  • Unique ID serialization (RFID, UID, Barcode)
  • Tag replacement

Tags, Labels and Serialization

Asset Intelligence starts by uniquely identifying and labeling your assets. TaaS-AI™ provides both category (part number/SKU) and item-level serialization to uniquely identify assets. Serial numbers can be imported from existing WMS/AMS systems or generated by TaaS-AI™. Serial numbers, for both RFID and barcode labels, are authenticated to ensure that unique identifier for both category and item-level asset management are fully compliant with GS1/EPC, UPC and DoD standards. There is support for both serialized and non-serialized Global Item Identifiers (SGTIN).

  • Write/commission RFID/barcode industrial tags
  • Print/write serialized RFID/barcode labels on most industry leading printers
  • Generate Global Individual Asset Identifiers (GIAI)
  • Returnable Container Identifiers (SSCC)
  • Finished goods and retail inventory serialization (SGTIN)
  • Shipping/Receiving labels along with tracking of carriers
  • Secure, configurable, and specialized labels with DB integration

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