Omnitrol is a pioneering leader in advancing real-time Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) into a new paradigm of asset traceability and operational intelligence. Our solutions are aimed at simplifying and automating operational analytics by transforming real-time sensor data into actionable decision-making intelligence for enterprises. Our TaaSTM application suite has been acclaimed as the industry's best and most scalable IoT solution by Fortune 100 customers, partners and leading industry analysts.

Our vision for a new paradigm of Smart Infrastructures™ that transform your assets into near real-time decision-making intelligence was achieved by closely collaborating with our customers in their production environments. Our powerful analytics engine and dashboards deliver real-time asset management, operational intelligence, M2M automation and productivity improvements that can be rapidly tailored to your exact requirements. Omnitrol has obtained significant expertise in Industrial IoT and M2M automation across a variety of production environments in Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Food and Beverage, Libraries and Waste Management.

Our TaaSTM solution delivers real-time asset management, workflow and operational intelligence to substantially enhance staff performance and cross-department collaboration directly with shop floor operations. Our unique and scalable architecture is deployable as either premise or cloud-based at the customer's discretion. Our uniquely distributed architecture enables real-time sensor data analytics that dramatically reduces latency, enhances security and improves performance of our analytics dashboards.

Our solutions have a proven ROI by achieving substantial improvements in operational efficiencies, staff productivity and reduction in loss. Furthermore, TaaSTM transforms customer service into a significant competitive advantage by providing high-integrity information on operational conditions, delivery forecasts, asset status, predictive and proactive maintenance and exception management.

Omnitrol Networks is headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, California. We also operate in Canada and India.

Accelerating Success

Our Smart Infrastructures™ solutions are tried and tested in extreme production environments with Fortune 500 customers. We are confident that our capabilities will not only exceed your expectations, but will be eye-opening for both shop floor and top-floor operations. Our TaaSTM solutions will extend your enterprise applications with real-time IoT-driven operational intelligence. Give us the opportunity to be your partner in transforming your operations into Smart Infrastructures™ and join the IoT revolution with your customers and partners.

Getting Started

Our dedicated, consultative approach goes far beyond what most vendors offer. From a thorough evaluation of your operations, our TaaSTM solutions are production and deployment ready. Our experienced team will work through every detail ensuring your success. Our services do not end with analysis reports or recommendations on what you need to do, but we will showcase our recommendations to you within days. Our customers achieve deployed within weeks without compromising security or your production requirements. Our solutions have been certified on both security and production requirements with leading US Aerospace and Defense mission-critical environments in manufacturing and logistics. Furthermore, our solutions seamlessly integrate Smart Infrastructures™ with your existing ERP systems.

Please contact us and give us an opportunity to become your partner in the transformation of your operations into real-time Smart Infrastructures™.

Our Smart Approach


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