Real-time operational collaboration directly from your supplier shop floor

Our rapidly growing global economy is transforming supplier management into supplier collaboration. Imagine if you could transparently collaborate with your partners by monitoring your orders directly from your supplier’s shop floor in real-time. Our IoT solutions automate shop-floor to shop-floor collaboration to mitigate risk and maximize the integrity of your value chain with your partners and customers. Omnitrol Networks pioneered the paradigm of connected  Smart Infrastructures™ to create a globally connected  "Factory of the Future" shop floor.

  • Achieve over 96% in accuracy for on-time deliveries
  • Gain over 50% in reduction of safety stock costs
  • Achieve over 60% in reduction of supplier management costs
  • Real-time alerts and notifications on supplier exceptions, machine faults, and quality issues across your supply chain
  • Manage forecast schedules with higher integrity based on real-time collaboration with your suppliers
  • Item-level tracking of Finished Goods shipments with reconciliation on receipt
  • Substantially improve customer satisfaction

The Real-Time Smart Infrastructures™ Cloud

TaaS-SITM enables manufacturing, maintenance and repair operations (MRO) to run leaner and smarter, improving operating margins while simultaneously increasing customer and employee satisfaction. Our versatile solution scales enterprise-wide and automates real-time order tracking and analytics through a wide variety of sensors, RFID and mobile devices.

  • Real-time knowledge on the progress of your supplier’s orders
  • Secure cloud-based solution, global access with local reach
  • Incrementally scale, supplier by supplier and site by site
  • Over 10% year-over-year improvement on operating margins
  • Web-based reports for monitoring orders by partners
  • Safe and secure, restricted access to specific data and orders is highly customizable
  • Auto-updates in the form of forecast analytics on estimated time-to-delivery
  • Historical supplier KPI analytics for future order management

The Connected Smart InfrastructuresTM Advantage

Omnitrol’s supplier collaboration brings valuable real-time operational intelligence to any WIP process that needs to monitor jobs/work orders through one or multiple partner operations. Information is captured automatically and in real-time through sensors, RFID readers or tags, SCADA and mobile handheld devices. The information is displayed through visual dashboards that are accessible through secure web portals anytime and anywhere. All present and historical information collected on orders tracked by TaaS can be accessed easily. User-definable rules can generate alerts based on your preferences; this includes, age/shelf-life thresholds, dwell time, and unauthorized movements.

  • Create work order travelers by product to be executed by remote partner operations
  • automatic generation of estimated time and cost it would take for the task or product to be completed
  • Automated alert generation and schedule changes are made if there are rework exceptions
  • Employee KPIs and cost analysis by task and product work order
  • RFID and barcode-tracking of tasks and employees' work log
  • Web-based visual dashboards viewable on tablets anytime and anywhere

TaaSTM Returnable Pallet & Container Tracking

TaaSTM also provides global track and trace of high-value returnable containers and pallets across supply chain operations. Using IoT sensors, customers, suppliers and pallet management companies can automatically and securely collaborate on tracking shipments, locations, and utilization on these returnable assets. Using IoT sensors, customers, suppliers and pallet management companies can automatically and securely collaborate and track shipments, locations and utilization of those returnable assets. TaaSTM Logistics Intelligence solution eliminates the headaches and overheads in manually managing and tracking these assets in spreadsheets and silo-based software tools.

Omnitrol's TaaSTM solution has taken an end-to-end approach in Asset and Logistics Intelligence to transform real-time asset management into a new paradigm by substantially improving operational efficiencies and productivity, while reducing loss and waste, across your supply chain. Our TaaSTM solution automates transparent collaboration from tracking orders on your shop floor ( TaaS-MITM) through order delivery to your customers ( TaaS-LITM).

Manufacturing Intelligence

TaaS™ Manufacturing Intelligence (TaaS-MI) is the pioneer and market leading Smart Infrastructures™ solution

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Asset Intelligence

TaaS™ Asset Intelligence (TaaS-AI) is the market leading Smart Infrastructures™ solution for real-time, automated, tracking and monitoring

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Logistics Intelligence

TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence (TaaS-LI) extends our Asset and Inventory Intelligence solutions to real-time supply chain tracking by monitoring

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Inventory Intelligence

TaaS™ Inventory Intelligence (TaaS-RTTM) extends Asset Intelligence with real-time inventory tracking and management

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