MobileView™ extends Omnitrol’s market leading Traceability as a Service (TaaS) solutions to industrial RFID/barcode handhelds, smartphones (iOS and Android) and tablet computers. TaaS MobileView™ services provide complete asset tracking, logistics and operational intelligence.


TaaS MobileView™ is the industry's only secure mobile solution that works seamlessly with or without WiFi connectivity. Operators can perform all operations and work seamlessly in non-WiFi environments as if they were actually connected to TaaS over WiFi. Mobile services can be managed based on roles and authorization on an individual basis. Some of the services available on MobileView™ include:

  • Inventory stock-taking by class and category
  • Locate/search for assets
  • Asset Transfers
  • Check-in/out (with custody)
  • Shipping (Pick, Pack, Ship)
  • Receiving (Unpack, Reconcile, Put-away)
  • Assign and track operator tasks till completion
  • RFID/barcode commissioning/serialization
  • Tag replacement

Furthermore, managers can assign pick, putaway, find, move, stock take, etc. tasks to operators directly from the TaaS portal to MobileView™ clients that can be tracked till completion.


IMVS is the iOS version of MobileView™ and can be installed on iPhone’s.


IMVS provides smart BT connectivity to industrial RFID/barcode
handhelds (e.g. Zebra 8500 Sled, TSL 1128/1166, etc.)

IMVS is available and can be downloaded from the AppStore.

In non-WiFi areas MobileView™ will automatically sync operations with the TaaS servers through Ethernet cradles.

MVS Industrial Handhelds

MobileView™ is also available on fully-integrated RFID/barcode industrial handhelds (Zebra MC31xx, MC32xx, MC33xx, etc.)