Intelligence without BoundariesTM

At the heart of Smart Infrastructures™ is Omnitrol's industry acclaimed IoT application platfrom. Our platform was built to scale, but with a focus to simplify integration of IoT smart devices with enterprise applications to deliver real-time operational intelligence solutions. As such, our platform is known as "EASE", or Enterprise Application and Sensor Engine. EASE encapsulates the complexities of IoT device management and complex event processing with business applications, providing a highly versatile IoT event-driven operating system for application developers.

In order to establish an open and extensible IoT platform, EASE integrates application development with the Google Javascript-V8TM engine. All IoT sensor data and event processing, analytics, dashboards, database transaction processing, and more are fully encapsulated through Javascript API's. Appropriately named, the EASE-V8TM Engine enables developers to rapidly deliver and deploy IoT solutions over ten times faster than any other IoT platform in the market. Our powerful distributed application framework extends the boundaries of enterprise applications into a new paradigm of real-time shop floor("edge") operational intelligence.

EASE-V8™ - Making IoT a Reality

EASE-V8™ not only simplifies IoT solution development, but also delivers a level of robustness and scalability expected in telecom systems. Absolutely no downtime and data processing that can easily scale to millions of end-devices. EASE-V8TM engineers can reliably design and deliver mission critical IoT applications by focusing on the business problem, rather than IoT technologies. EASE-V8™ integrates powerful complex event processing (CEP) with micro-services integrating in-memory transaction processing. Our open and extensible Javascript API's allows rapid creation of specific work flows to solve operational issues leveraging plug-n-play IoT sensors and devices. EASE-V8™ normalizes device, mobile, web and database interfaces removing dependencies on specific vendor products. Applications are ready with complete operational logs, metrics and management from the moment they are conceived on our platform.

Application development and delivery is further simplified by our integrated IoT device emulator, called EdgeView™. Applications can be developed, tested and deployed using the devices provided on the EdgeView™ IoT device emulator. Complete development of IoT micro-services, we call Edgelets™, including testing and work flow analytics expected with actual sensor devices (e.g. RFID, SCADA, PLC, A/D controllers, etc.) can be completed for deployment readiness using EdgeView™.

Benefits of EASE-V8™ IoT Platform

  • Encapsulates the complexity in integrating IoT devices, sensors and SCADA technologies
  • Distributed Cloud-to-Edge (FOG computing) deployment ready
  • Open SOA-based extensible micro-services architecture
  • EAI for real-time operational intelligence with ERP, WMS, AMS, etc.
  • Integrated analytics and dashboards engine
  • Powerful, open, scalable and connected enterprise-wide IoT information bus
  • Open, industry adopted Javascript-V8TM, IoT innovation platform
  • Integrate web-based device and system management
  • Substantially reduce development to deployment costs
  • Open messaging interfaces (SOAP/XML, HTTP/S, JSON, ODBC, CSV, SQL, JMS/MQ, etc.)
  • Integrates with most standard SQL databases
  • Hot-install/patch micro-services (no down-time on deployments)
  • Plug-n-Play adapters for SCADA, RFID, RTLS, BLE, Sensors, Serial, PLC/Modbus, etc.

The Omnitrol EASE-V8™ IoT application platform is a fully integrated Smart Infrastructures™ solution framework. Our vision to simplify IoT business and operational intelligence was developed in close collaboration with our customers' production environments. As such, our EASE-V8™ platform is a tried and tested, vertically independent software architecture that can be applied in any industrial or consumer application, in the cloud, on premise, or as a hybrid cloud-to-edge (premise) solution.

Examples of EASE-V8™ IoT deployments