Real-Time Inventory Management and Monitoring

TaaS™ Inventory Intelligence (TaaS-RT) extends Asset Intelligence with real-time inventory tracking and management. Monitoring available inventory by site down to the shelf-level, in-transit, on-order, including item-level traceability couldn't be easier. TaaS-RTTM analytics also allows customers to manage inventory using deeper category attributes, such as color and size.

Achieve unprecedented benefits through TaaS-RT™ Inventory Intelligence:

  • Over 99% inventory accuracy
  • Over 25x increase in cycle-count efficiency
  • Eliminate shrink and item-level theft/fraud through logistics
  • Over 80% reduction in loss of returnable containers
  • Achieve 100% item-level inventory visibility with RFID auto-inventory zones
  • Optimize inventory and replenishments through web-based reports
  • Automatically track and monitor inventory changes and movements
  • Supports both RFID and barcode-based inventory management

Real-Time Analytics & Operational Intelligence

TaaS-RTTM Customers can issue buy orders after studying their sales reports across multiple locations/regions as to make effective decisions, in order to optimize their inventory levels and volume discounts. Furthermore, TaaS-RTTM monitors depletion rates by store and sub-location, as well as, automatically generates store-to-warehouse replenishment alerts and store-to-store transfer recommendations.

  • View historical inventory by location and category (this includes size, color, and location)
  • Annual forecast analytics to track replenishment by store or warehouse
  • View historical revenues by item-category (eg. size, color) and location
  • Try vs. Buy analytics by style, color and size
  • Apparel inventory analytics by style, size and color
  • Real-time alerts for missing, misplaced and ageing by location (e.g. dressing room)

The OMNITROL Smart InfrastructuresTM Advantage

TaaS-RT integrates powerful user authentication and roles management to restrict operations staff by function and site. Our versatile solution scales enterprise-wide and automates real-time asset tracking and analytics through a wide variety of sensor and mobile devices. Track IT, data centers, tools, parts, furnishings, returnable containers, library, museum, finished goods and more.

  • GS1/EPC compliant item-level RFID serialized inventory tracking
  • Track parts, apparel, footwear, handbags, electronics, etc.
  • Real-time replenishment alerts on mobile tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Drill down reports for inventory by store, department and sub-location (shelf, bin, etc.)
  • Integrated RFID/barcode mobile handhelds supporting all inventory and logistics operations
  • Track item-level shipping operations (Pick, Pack and Ship)
  • Track item-level receiving operations (Receive, Inspect, Put-away)
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing inventory and WMS systems
  • Configurable web-based dashboards and reports

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