Real-Time Manufacturing Collaboration

TaaS™ Manufacturing Intelligence (TaaS-MI) is the pioneer and market leading Smart Infrastructures™ solution for automated, real-time tracking and monitoring of your work orders across your production floor.

  • Automatically track work orders and split-orders to completion
  • Contactless RFID order tracking while also providing delivery forecasts including estimated time till completion
  • Predictive analytics and alerts for on-time delivery
  • Real-time, high-integrity collaboration with your customers
  • Eliminate manual Daily Operating Reports (DOR) by customer and product
  • Integrated KPIs with staff efficiency and productivity analytics
  • Monitor resource (staff and machine) utilization and costs
  • Finished Good inventory forecasts
  • Staff productivity analytics and quality metrics
  • Real-time web-based dashboards and reports

Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Our versatile solution scales enterprise-wide and automates real-time order tracking and analytics through a wide variety of sensors, RFID and mobile devices.

  • Generate and track work order travelers with expected time-to-delivery by task
  • Monitor orders/split-orders by product and customer delivery deadlines
  • Exception alerts on bottlenecks, rework, delays, etc.
  • Track operations by employee and work location
  • Visual in-building maps to locate orders on the shop floor
  • Integrated user authentication and authorization security
  • Print customer-configurable serialized RFID/UID product labels
  • Attach images, documents and agreements with finished goods
  • Cloud or premise-based deployment
  • Incrementally deployable, multi-site workflow monitoring and management
  • Integrated M2M automation and machine utilization/availability metrics
  • Real-time in-memory analytics, web-based dashboards and reports, also available on tablets and smartphones

The OMNITROL Smart InfrastructuresTM Advantage

Our versatile solution scales enterprise-wide and automates real-time order tracking and analytics through a wide variety of sensors, RFID and mobile devices.

  • RFID, BLE, UWB, and barcode-based tracking
  • Sensors to monitor asset health (temperature, humidity, pH, vibration, weight, etc.)
  • User-generated work flow task lists sorted by product with estimated timing till completion
  • Easily integrate with existing MRP and SCADA systems
  • Print customer-configurable serialized RFID/UID product labels
  • Incrementally deployable, multi-site workflow monitoring & management
  • Rules engine to proactively monitor shop floor exceptions
  • Real-time in-memory analytics, web dashboards and reports, also available on tablets and smartphones

Work in Progress Solution

parts traceability, product quality, and on-time delivery status using their top-floor order processing systems and enterprise planning data. As with most other enterprises focused on supply chain optimization, this approach does not work for Omnitrol’s high-value and high-mix environment because of the costs and complexity associated with integrating, configuring and managing commercially available solution packages. Omnitrol Networks, Inc. has broken this cycle by creating a programmable sensor-driven application network solution that taps business intelligence at the network edge. It synchronizes top-floor with operations in real-time while allowing external customers and partners to access the right information at the right time. The OMNITROL solution provides automation and real-time visibility for three critical aspects of Omnitrol’s business: inventory, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction.

Automated Inventory and Warehouse Tracking

Omnitrol manages a complex set of parts and raw materials used in the manufacturing of their products. Receiving, inspection, and put-away procedures have to follow strict rules for Omnitrol to maintain its AS9104 A / ISO—9001:2000 certifications. Errors due to manual processes have an immediate impact on quality, on-time delivery, and margins. The OMNITROL solution was deployed to automate the receiving, inspection and put-away processes utilizing an advanced combination of contact-less technologies, fixed and handheld sensors. Supplier, warehouse, part number, lot, batch, quantity, and ASN information are directly accessed through an easy-to-use web interface. Detailed transactions and part status and inventory reports provide users with a real-time view of what is available or expected to come.

Order Kitting and Work-in-Process

the result of replenishment signals directly from the customers’ shop floor. The system automatically reserves parts and components required for the new orders, and sends alerts if additional parts need to be procured based on Omnitrol’s own replenishment schedule. The OMNITROL solution automatically pulls information from the Bill of Materials and Inventory modules to assist employees in building a "kit" before the start of a given manufacturing process. Using a handheld device, shop-floor technicians can see part number, quantity, location, and container information on parts associated with a customer order. Barcodes or RFID tags are scanned to verify that the correct parts are being kitted, and also to track lot and details for complete traceability. Tools in inventory also can be added to the kit if required. Real-time visibility on customer and shop-floor orders is provided by the Work-In-Process visibility module that receives data directly from an OMNITROL smart shelf. The smart shelf not only tracks work orders and employees as they move from one stage of manufacturing to the next, but through a touch screen also provides shop-floor employees with information about the work-order’s route, and allows them to request rework.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Using advanced predictive analytics, the OMNITROL solution is able to estimate the completion time of each customer order on the shop floor. Based on schedules of current work orders and a number of other configurable parameters and signals from the shop floor, the system updates the status of each work order. The system constantly updates the estimated-time-to-complete until the finished goods are shipped to the customer. Based on customer requests, Omnitrol is able to share delivery projections of customer orders and work-in-process information in real-time, 24x7, with key customers like Boeing. Customers can access the information remotely, or have alerts about expected delivery dates e-mailed to them.


The Omnitrol solution has simplified the process of entering and tracking customer orders through a web portal that can be securely accessed anytime from anywhere. By choosing an integrated solution from a single vendor, Omnitrol benefits from a seamlessly integrated view, from customer orders through to their inventory system, to generate an extremely accurate production forecast with customer feedback capability. Based on what is available or expected to arrive in the warehouse, the system gives Omnitrol employees a detailed view of what they will be able to kit, assemble, and produce now and in the future.

Automating the inventory and warehouse processes virtually eliminated errors and uncertainty about stock levels, parts availability, and locations. The main benefit for Omnitrol is that it now has a clear view of the inventory levels and valuation across its warehouses, and also is able to track the origin of each part that enters into the fabrication of its mission-critical products. Shortages are avoided by automating replenishment with Omnitrol’s suppliers. Low-cost wireless handheld devices have been deployed for employees to scan parts throughout the warehouse. These provide the information right on the shop floor without integration with complex and costly ERP and warehouse management systems.

Planning, training, deployment, and testing of the entire project took less than a week. Because of the use of contact-less technologies, very few changes were made to Omnitrol’s processes. ROI calculations based only on efficiency improvements showed a positive return in less than six months. Better tracking of reworks and returns were not yet added to the estimated ROI. Higher customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition will represent an even more significant benefit to Omnitrol. Omnitrol’s customers like Boeing and NASA now have access to their orders status in real-time. They can better plan their own manufacturing operations knowing this information is more reliable and more accurate than is available from their other suppliers.

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