Real-Time Global Track and Trace

TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence (TaaS-LI) extends our Asset and Inventory Intelligence solutions to real-time supply chain tracking by monitoring your shipping and receiving operations. TaaS-LI provides complete Global Track & Trace (GTT) with automated item-level reconciliation at each step through your logistics operations.

  • Item-level shipping operations tracking (Pick, Pack and Ship)
  • Item-level receiving with automated reconciliation (Receive, Inspect, Put-away)
  • Integrates RFID and barcode/UID serialization for tracking
  • Complete audit trail on each shipment at the item-level
  • Eliminate shrink, mis-picks and mis-ships
  • Integrates existing WMS shipping manifests with item-level asset tracking
  • Integrated printing of RFID/barcode shipping labels
  • Mobile RFID/barcode handhelds to monitor and reconcile pick, pack and ship operations
  • Reconcile and validate carrier deliveries with TaaSTM shipments
  • Mobile RFID/barcode handhelds are used to reconcile received goods with put-away locations

Returnable Pallet & Container Tracking

TaaS™ Logistics Intelligence (TaaS-LI) also provides item-level tracking of returnable containers, pallets and other transport items (RTI). In order to facilitate a greener supply chain, customers are leaning towards more expensive reusable plastic containers and pallets. In some cases, these containers are leased and managed by third-party vendors, which makes it highly unacceptable to be losing or misusing them.

TaaS-LITM provides automated RFID item-level tracking; this includes accurate timing and reconciliation of the containers as they move through your supply chain. Furthermore, TaaS-LITM analytics automatically reconciles containers used with shipments and monitors usage of these expensive containers by site. With TaaS-LITM, you can easily track, optimize utilization and minimize loss or abuse of your containers throughout your supply chain.

  • Volume In/Out by location and asset category
  • Track returnable containers
  • Monitor dwell times by asset type
  • Monitor asset status and changes
  • Exception reports and alerts to address deviations

Supplier Intelligence

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MobileView™ extends Omnitrol’s market leading Traceability as a Service (TaaS) solutions to industrial RFID/barcode handhelds, smartphones (iOS and Android) and tablet computers.

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