Omnitrol has acquired significant experience in the development and deployment of IoT solutions in a variety of operational environments. Our expertise are available to support any initiative that seeks to take advantage of deploying IoT technologies to create Smart Infrastructures™.

Omnitrol can compliment your team at all levels of professional services required to make your IoT projects a success:

  • Management Consulting:
  • Provide business and ROI analysis with complete SWOT research on your existing operations
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME):
  • Experts in manufacturing, M2M/SCADA automation, Business Process Engineering, supply chain, retail and technology evaluation
  • Engineering:
  • Technical staff to augment your development with both on-site and offshore resources with relevant industry experience

Omnitrol's unique EASE-V8™ IoT software platform and production solutions gives us a unique perspective in offering you, not only a range of experience, but also in leveraging our pre-packaged solutions to quickly deliver results. Omnitrol would be pleased to discuss your challenges and strategic initiatives to give you the benefits of our experience. Omnitrol would be pleased to discuss your challenges and strategic initiatives to give you the benefits of our experience.

Accelerating Success

Our Smart Infrastructure™ soluitions are tried and tested in extreme production environments with Fortune 500 customers. We are confident that our capabilities will not only exceed your requirements, but can guarantee a working Smart Infrastructure™ in your environment. Our solutions will extend your enterprise applications to take advantage of cloud-to-edge services, on premise or on the cloud, to deliver the promise with the significant benefits of IoT smart devices. Let us help you deploy smarter infrastructures so that you can make smarter decisions within your operations and for your customers and partners.

Getting Started

Our dedicated, consultative support goes far beyond what most vendors offer. From a thorough evaluation of your operations through proof-of-concept to production deployment, our team will remain your partner until we have assured your success. Our services do not end with analysis reports or recommendations on what you need to do, but we deliver what we recommend. Our objective is to walk with you all the way until the deployment of a total end-to-end solution is implemented in your operations and meets all your production requirements. Our solutions have been certified on both security and surpassed production gates with US Department of Defense (DoD) partners and mission-critical environments in manufacturing and logistics. Our services extend beyond just connecting the new IoT Smart Infrastructures™ with your operations but also to integrate your existing investments in ERP systems.


Omnitrol offers a series of computer-based and instructor-led training classes that covers both IoT technologies and business applications that are deployed to deliver Smart Infrastructures™. Omnitrol Networks staff training allows you to get the full benefit of our EASE-V8™ business application solutions.

Technical Support

Once you are up and running, our technical support team will be there for you around the clock to ensure that your Smart Infrastructures™ are always exceeding your expectations year-round.

Our Smart Approach


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