Open, extensible and federated IoT micro-services

Omnitrol's versatile EASE-V8™ IoT Platform provides an open Javasript-V8 service creation environment. IoT applications are rapidly built and deployed by creating micro-services in Javascript, we call these Edgelets™. Edgelets™ are hot-installable micro-services that can extend existing services or execute as event-driven logic modules anywhere on the EASE-V8™ peer-to-peer application network. The EASE-V8™ IoT engine runs over a secure, priority-based event-driven pub/sub information bus. Edgelets™ communicate with each other via XML/JSON definable events over the EASE-V8TM distributed application network. Furthermore, Edgelets™ can be easily and rapidly added to existing applications to support operational changes without requiring any downtime.

Edgelets™ enable application developers to focus on solving their customers operational challenges, rather than on IoT technologies. Services can be rapidly created and deployed into production Smart Infrastructures™ within minutes. Through rapid integration of smart IoT devices, a new paradigm of real-time operational visibility can be instantly realized. Furthermore, Edgelets™ contextualize this data into actionable operational intelligence through visual dashboards using the ASE-V8TM analytics engine. IoT data processed by EdgeletsTM can be easily integrated with existing WMS and/or ERP systems using a variety of available open SOA interfaces.

Benefits of Edgelet™ Micro-Services

  • Easily and rapidly contextualize IoT device-data into business intelligence using only Javascript
  • Open industry-adopted Javascript-V8TM service creation
  • Services architecture supporting both Workflow and Finite State Machine (FSM) semantics
  • Fully encapsulates vendor-specific device details and protocol semantics
  • Rapid integration with existing ERP (WMS, AMS) systems
  • Incrementally scalable from a single location to multiple sites over the EASE-V8TM peer-to-peer information bus
  • Integration with open-industry standard Eclipse IDE (runs on Linux, Windows, Solaris, and UNIX platforms)
  • Quickly test and demonstrate IoT benefits using the EdgeView™ IoT device emulator
  • Open SOA-based APIs to external systems (ODBC, XML/SOAP, JSON, SQL, HTTP/S, REST, CSV, etc.)