Open, extensible and federated IoT micro-services

Omnitrol's versatile EASE-V8™ IoT Platform provides an open Javasript-V8 service creation environment. IoT applications are rapidly built and deployed by creating micro-services in Javascript, we call these Edgelets™. Edgelets™ are hot-installable micro-services that can extend existing services or execute as event-driven logic modules anywhere on the EASE-V8™ peer-to-peer application network. The EASE-V8™ IoT engine runs over a secure, priority-based event-driven pub/sub information bus. Edgelets™ communicate with each other via XML/JSON definable events over the EASE-V8TM distributed application network. Furthermore, Edgelets™ can be easily and rapidly added to existing applications to support operational changes without requiring any downtime.

Edgelets™ enable application developers to focus on solving their customers operational challenges, rather than on IoT technologies. Services can be rapidly created and deployed into production Smart Infrastructures™ within minutes. Through rapid integration of smart IoT devices, a new paradigm of real-time operational visibility can be instantly realized. Furthermore, Edgelets™ contextualize this data into actionable operational intelligence through visual dashboards using the ASE-V8TM analytics engine. IoT data processed by EdgeletsTM can be easily integrated with existing WMS and/or ERP systems using a variety of available open SOA interfaces.

Benefits of Edgelet™ Micro-Services

  • Easily and rapidly contextualize IoT device-data into business intelligence using only Javascript
  • Open industry-adopted Javascript-V8TM service creation
  • Services architecture supporting both Workflow and Finite State Machine (FSM) semantics
  • Fully encapsulates vendor-specific device details and protocol semantics
  • Rapid integration with existing ERP (WMS, AMS) systems
  • Incrementally scalable from a single location to multiple sites over the EASE-V8TM peer-to-peer information bus
  • Integration with open-industry standard Eclipse IDE (runs on Linux, Windows, Solaris, and UNIX platforms)
  • Quickly test and demonstrate IoT benefits using the EdgeView™ IoT device emulator
  • Open SOA-based APIs to external systems (ODBC, XML/SOAP, JSON, SQL, HTTP/S, REST, CSV, etc.)

Micro-services based on NodeJS

Omnitrol also supports NodeJS based services which consist of Javascript execution platform on its “runtime” from which all the services executed and provide micro-services. This Platform assess the power of the Javascript language and used the powerful “V8” engine to create an execution platform with the ability to take advantage of the well-known language to undertake a great variety of micro services.
With NodeJS services of Omnitrol without any inconvenience, you can easily build scalable micro-services which return data in JSON format, what we usually call a REST API. These RestAPI can be use by any application developed with any language and develop any application based on web, desktop apps, Android, iOS etc. Omnitrol provides web GUI to create your microservices on the fly with web GUI interface by providing service name, version, path and service description with business logic of a micro services..


  • Open to create highly scalable and innovative services which can be used by multiple platforms.
  • It has great capacity to handle high traffic applications of events and users, such as devices where thousands of tags reads at a time.
  • Perform I/O operations, create scheduled jobs and support to get information directly from database.
  • Application development is much faster and therefore the user can access a better user experience. This is because NodeJS uses the Google V8 engine.
  • Services is easier to learn because of its congruity to JavaScript.