Cloud-to-Edge IoT Smart InfrastructuresTM

Omnitrol's unique IoT Platform is also available on small-footprint, milspec-compliant, solid-state industrial appliances (OMNITROL-A). IoT micro-services can be delivered on a scalable distributed network of OMNITROL-A appliances to support real-time analytics and mission-critical M2M automation. Customers can scale cloud-based deployments without compromising real-time processing and analytics required on the operations floor.

These all-in-one, OMNITROL-A IoT appliances deliver a new powerful edge computing paradigm for delivering Smart Infrastructures™ in the network. IoT distributed applications can scale faster by integrating IoT devices, enterprise applications and dashboards specific to a given site, without impacting other sites.

The OMNITROL-A IoT Appliance provides a single point, vendor agnostic, device control and management for all IoT devices deployed at the site. Our unique OMNITROL-A IoT appliances provide our customers with a powerful, flexible and incrementally scalable architecture for multi-site operations intelligence. Centralized or cloud-based big-data analytics can be performed while real-time processing is performed at the edge (i.e. on the operations floor). TaaSTM can be scaled incrementally to deliver Global Track and Trace solutions to monitor assets across global supply chains using maintenance-free OMNITROL-A IoT appliances.

Benefits of the OMNITROL-A IoT Appliance include:

  • Industrial (milspec) server appliance with over 45 years MTBF
  • Integrated EASE-V8™ IoT application engine
  • Open programmable Javascript-V8 IoT development platform to rapidly create IoT services
  • Autonomous service execution with store-and-forward data synchronization
  • Integrated in-memory/historian database for real-time M2M automation and SCADA/PLC services
  • Integrated application database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite) for business services
  • Solid-state architecture, available in multiple configurations (CPU, Memory and SSD)
  • Integrated Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections
  • Integrated serial USB and Digital I/O interfaces
  • Integrated WiFi configurations with VPN/VLAN capabilities
  • Integrated IPSec and SSL VPN security and data encryption
  • Integrated SNMP and Web-based IoT Device Management
  • Support from 25 to 100+ IoT devices per appliance (based on the model)
  • Secure LINUX-based platform and delivery architecture